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Jyri Engestrom (schets)

Posted in Geen categorie by Steven on 4 juni 2007

Microblogging: tiny social objects
on the future of participatory media

Cool! hij is een socioloog

Alexa rankings: heeeele hoop participatory media, NYT staat niet meer in de top 100
1. the case for social objects
2. five principles for building services around them
3. my take on the next wave

how do you create a compelling offering/services online?

What makes Myspace tick? Will it fail?
old school social networking:
firefly (killed bij MS), six degrees(killed by 2001 crash), friendster: all these butterflies die beyond their peak
what services can sustain themselves?

criticism on social networks (that die): it’s mostly just a game who has the most number of contacts/friends
-> the site that work are built around social objects, like a date or a job
flickr: photos became social objects
amazon did it to books
focal object of Myspace is music

1. define your object
2. define your verbs (bijv silentselling: elkhuistekoopding)
3. make the objects shareable (emailable permalinks, oftewel wat marktplaats nog steeds upfuckt)
4. turn invitations into gifts
5. charge the publishers, not the spectators: people will pay to publish their taste (like last.fm, or Habbo with the gezellige furniture, tag: freemium)

What will be the Next Big Thing in participatory media?

can anything disrupt blogs?
preconditions for a disruptive innovation:
1. simpler or
2. cheaper or
3. frees from need to go to inconvenient place

how to solve the problem of not having enough time to blog? Jaiku!

“The mass-Starbucksization of Nearly Everything” : social objects ‘to go’


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