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Kruithoph over Life Game Currency bij Rushkoff

Posted in 1 by Steven on 19 juli 2008

In de discussie die ontstond n.a.v. de speech van Douglas Rushkoff op het Personal Democracy event, waar een interessant gratis downloadbaar boek ‘Rebooting Democracy’ bij is verschenen, heeft @kruithoph het volgende commentaar achtergelaten:

Dudes, it’s about the advent of synergetic social engineering. Which is lovingly backwards compatible to the current systems of finance.

Every big change in history is accompanied by a change in the way money is distributed and perceived. Change that, using all the wonderful web tools we have at our disposal, and you have a blueprint for paranoia transcendence, on a massive scale. Life Game perception, Christ consciousness, the whole enchilada. I want my reborn society to rawk! Physically and Metaphysically.

The current system is left-hemisphere heavy; the new system is broad and in sync between our individual and collective selves. The problems of hyperrational culture is abundantly clear from Curtis’ Century of the Self; there is a hierarchical system of control on top of the irrational. Both could probably flourish much better when we see them as a quantum ‘pump’ that works optimally in tandem, as in Vernon Woolf’s holodynamics: left=rational/linear/literal/masculine, right=intuitive/nonlinear/figurative/feminine.

See also Jill Bolte Taylor’s impressive TED video/Oprah interview, and Alan Watts Prickles & Goo; ‘rationality is walking on one leg’.

It might not be true per se, but the list of interesting features you can list for both hemispheres does make thinking about these things a lot more integrative and useful. Especially when you consider the possibility of a ‘holodynamic’ currency: what if we added a feminine aspect to this obviously hypermasculine money system, and made it work really well. For us and everyone. It might even be fun, effortless: Ingrid Bacci would agree.

Could it be that our pervasive, virtual-reality money system as Douglas described so well in his Arthur Mag column turns out to be a blessing in disguise? If we really play with it, it will offer us it’s *huge* installed user base, and open up its APIs. Then we can party, *all of us* -)

Currency may just be the typical pivot point between philosophy and social engineering, and this too is now becoming a truly distributed phenomenon.

I wanna see if we can get The Netherlands to be a proving ground for something like this. Doug, how is your Huizinga thing coming along? Did you do your thesis on him already? I can’t remember.

Over and out, thank you very much for the collaboration impulse and space -)